Sunday, August 28, 2011

What the Twins Are Eating - 11 months

11 months old!  Ah!  It is crazy to think they are almost a year old.  The "baby" things are on their way out the door.  We said goodbye to purees at 10 months; at 11 months we say goodbye to formula...and bottles.

We started the switch to whole milk a little over a week ago rather than right at 11 months.  (Mostly due to our dwindling stock of formula and our complete lack of desire to buy any more).  We were very happy to find that the boys love whole milk!  Organic whole milk!  And here I thought we'd be saving some money by switching from formula...we may need to buy an organic cow for the backyard.  Anyway, they love the milk.  And milk goes in sippy cups, not bottles.  I told myself I wouldn't put milk in a bottle if I didn't need to, and we don't, but it makes me so sad!  Sad in that sappy, sentimental Mom way.  We have worked down to just one last bedtime bottle, and only enough formula for two more.  So tonight: goodbye formula, goodbye bottles.

Tonight I'll hold each of my sons and look into their eyes as they drink their last bottles in my arms.  I'll try not think about how much I'm going to miss holding them that way.  I'll try not to cry. Instead I'll remind myself to be proud of how big and strong my handsome boys are growing. There are so many good things to look forward to, even if the baby days are already starting to slip by.

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