Our family is made up of four pears pairs. A sort of Noah's Ark if you will. The original pair is of course myself (Christi) and  my husband Alex.  We were married in 2006. Trekking across country to Las Vegas for my man, I brought with me a pair of cats...a pair of Chihuahuas arrived to terrorize said cats shortly after. The final pair, twin boys, arrived in September of 2010.

My blog is like my own personal recipe box, journal and a letter to a friend all in one.  I love to share recipes I enjoy, activities I do with the kids, crafts that I make, and the things I'm crocheting and selling in my etsy shop.

I like cooking from scratch, I'm passionate about organic eating.  I love yarn and books and slippers.  I don't watch tv....except for The Biggest Loser.  I love that show!

I'll apologize now for the photo quality.  Most bloggers seem to be photography buffs but unfortunately I'm not.  I'm just a stay-at-home Mom who loves cooking and crafting and playing with her family :)  And smiley faces, I have a weakness for those and exclamation points.  I apologize for that too! :)

So I hope you'll join me in a conversation of all things food and family and life related because I've got plenty of opinions and ideas and I'd love to hear yours too. Hopefully I'll inspire someone out there, and I'll gain a bunch of inspiration in return.