Friday, May 3, 2013

Playful Friday

Here's how we've been playing this week!
(Every Friday I'm sharing a quick look at how my boys and I played together over the course of the week....because they really do want Mommy to play sometimes too.)

Monday - Alphabet Rice Box (I dumped the pieces of an alphabet puzzle into our sensory box with rice...the boys had a blast digging them all out to put the puzzle together!)

Tuesday - Bubble Bath Fun!

Sure we take baths all the time but this time we played together with our Cars (toys from the movie) instead of me relaxing with a book during the splash down.

Wednesday - Fingerpaint

Alex making his masterpiece by using an empty water bottle as a stamp

Thursday - Grilling in the new Playhouse

We decided to buy the boys' their large birthday gift a few (ahem 6) months early so they could enjoy it all summer!

I love that it is big enough for them to play together.  Aaron's cooking corn on the stove while Alex grills me a burger. :)

Friday - Playing with cars

Another daily occurrence around here, but one I don't usually join in on. (but need to more often!)  Today we raced cars down the ramp together as I got in touch with my more masculine side ;)

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

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