Monday, December 3, 2012

Advent Activities

So our month of Christmas fun has officially begun!  Ugh, that rhymed.....oh well, it just conveys my overall optimism and cheeriness towards the whole thing.  It is only Day 3 after all.

On the first we started sharing our Advent Activity calendar with the boys.  They don't really get the whole idea of a countdown until Christmas yet but they can't help but enjoy the fun things the calendar brings.  The first day was "open a present" so they had a great time ripping the paper off the new Christmas pj's I got them.  They were pretty excited to find Mickey Mouse on the jams too. :)

Yesterday we "Read The Christmas Story and set up the Nativity".  As a family we read a great book about the biblical Christmas Story, and then opened our Little People Nativity set.  The boys had a great time today playing with the animals, Baby Jesus and his Mama.  We are going to leave the nativity out on a table in our living room for the boys to play with and talk about all month.  It is hard to find interesting ideas to talk to the boys about the real meaning of Christmas so I'm really happy the boys are into their Little People.  I wish I could share a link to the book since it really is a great one but I can't seem to find it on Amazon.

Here is how Aaron placed the figures for the first time.  He did pretty well all on his own....except for that cow on the stable roof of course.

Here he is giving Mary a hug.  And wearing his Christmas pj's from the night before.

And here are the rest of our activities, in random order because Mr Pears is hogging the iPad with my behind the scenes calendar on it.

3.  Visit Santa!
4.  Decorate your own Christmas Tree  (I made the boys a felt Christmas tree, more on that later)
5.  Make Christmas Tree Ornaments
6.  Paint Ornaments
7.  Watch a Christmas movie as a family
8.  Drink homemade Hot Chocolate with Homemade Marshmallows (I'll post a recipe I promise!)
9.  Sing Christmas Carols  (these boys love to sing with their Grammy so this should be fun)
10.  Visit the Magical Forest
11.  Make Gingerbread Men
12.  Visit with Grandma, Grandpa Doug, Great Grandma Ruth, and Leah :)
13.  Play with Snow!  (Since we live in the desert I bought this stuff, I'm excited to try it out)
14.  Play with our Christmas Sensory bin (I'm sure I'll post this one in more detail)
15.  Decorate Sugar Cookies
16.  Candy Cane Painting in the bath tub!
17.  Visit the Holiday Spectacular at the Springs Preserve
18.  Have a Holiday Play Date
19.  Make a Snowman in the living room  (we are going to play with this foam DIY snowman on our patio door)
20.  Go to story time at the library as a family
21.  Visit Ethel M's Chocolate Factory and see the cactus Christmas lights

There are also a few boxes with candy inside for my own sanity and/or to allow for schedule changes or additions.  I have to admit, that as great as this project is, it was a bit daunting to schedule something for every day in December in advance.  I know I could have put the activities in as I went along but I like knowing what to plan for in the coming week.  Mr Pears has a ton of vacation time this month too so I am super happy that he will be around to do a lot of these activities with me and the boys.

Looking forward to a fun-filled month and wishing the best for all of you as well this holiday season!

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