Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Recap

Christmas is over and I must admit I feel a bit adrift right now!  I was just so busy cooking, crafting, playing and celebrating for so long that now I'm not sure what to do with myself!  I figure I'll write a little recap of our Christmas and then get to working on some new things to share with you.  :)

We had a very fun month and Christmas itself did not disappoint either.  Mr Pears and I got to attend Mass on Christmas Eve without two rambunctious toddlers thanks to Grammy and Grandpa.  It was so nice.  Then we came home and did our Santa duties and placed all the gifts and stockings under the tree with care. (and ate the Santa cookies of course)

The boys were a bit surprised to see the Christmas tree the next morning!  I had been telling them that Santa was coming but I don't think they were expecting such an extravaganza, lol.  It took us all morning to open gifts.  The boys loved their presents and wanted each one taken out of its packaging so they could play with it right away before moving on to another.  It was cute.  We tried to encourage them to open things at first but then just decided to let them go at their own pace.  It was fun enjoying it all over the course of a few hours.

In addition to Cozy Coupes the boys got a teeter totter, dishes and play food and a shopping cart for their kitchen, a toy Dyson, some really great Melissa and Doug wood unit blocks, puzzles, a giant bean bag chair....I can't list them all.  But, with the exception of the Dyson which does turn on, none of the toys make noise or require batteries.  Most, if not all, have great learning potential and lots of room for imagination and pretend play.  My little guys were truly spoiled by all of their family and I'm sure we'll have lots of fun with all the awesome gifts they received.

And of course we also had lots of great food!  I made cute little donut snowmen to munch on with our coffee during the gift opening and then Alex made some amazing Eggs Benedict for brunch a bit later on.  For dinner we had prime rib with cauliflower puree, brussels sprouts, creamed corn and yorkshire pudding.  For dessert I made individual Mexican spiced chocolate puddings.  Delicious.

It was great spending so much time having fun and visiting with family in December and January is sure to be just as fun too.  Our nephews are visiting next week, my best friend a week after that and then Grandpa!  We might even sneak in a visit to Disneyland!  I'm really looking forward to everything.

No plans for New Year's Eve yet.... I'm sure we'll figure out a little something or other soon.

I hope everyone reading had a wonderful holiday; best wishes going into 2013!

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  1. I love the cute pictures of the boys enjoying their gifts. It looked like it was was a really fun Christmas...and a gourmet experience too! I love the cute snowmen and the individual spiced chocolate puddings. I'd love to try your cauliflower puree. It sounds delicious. : 0 ).