Saturday, July 9, 2011

What The Twins are Eating- 9 Months

My big boys aren't malnourished by any means. My first born, AJ, is a healthy 23 lbs and 30 inches tall. His "little" brother Aaron is an even healthier 27 lbs(!) and 31 inches tall. Right now they are crawling all over the house and AJ is cruising around the furniture on his own two feet. AJ just sprouted tooth number five while poor Aaron remains toothless! But don't worry, as you can see he is still managing to get his nutrition somehow ;)

The kids don't have meals with us yet because they go to bed at 6pm and we haven't adjusted to the idea of eating our dinner with them at 5pm just yet. Once they are more proficient self-feeders, and probably after their first birthday, we'll move to a family dinner time.

Here's what they are eating right now:

4 bottles of formula totaling about 26-28 oz

Breakfast: I spoon feed them each about 3 oz of store bought oatmeal/cereal with homemade pureed fruit mixed in and I usually give them some diced fruit on their trays as well.

Lunch: Finger Foods! (more, lots more!, details to follow)

Dinner: I spoon feed them each about 3 oz whole milk yogurt/cottage cheese mixed with pureed fruit and about 2 oz of veggies. They usually munch on some cheerios too. This will be the next meal to move to finger foods I'm sure. Already I give them more of a "meal" type food with their yogurt rather than a plain pureed veggie.

Some of their favorite foods right now are spinach, sweet potatos, cheerios, applesauce and yogurt. They had their first taste of hummus last week and that was a huge hit too! They are definitely becoming less interested in spoon feeding these days so I'm making more of an effort to make them interesting and healthy finger foods. Up this week....a healthy veggie packed mac n cheese!

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