Thursday, July 7, 2011


Here we are at the beginning of 4 Pears. This blog has come about through the genuine desire of my husband and I to share our journey in food and cooking. While we've been in love with food for a long time now, our real cooking journey began about 9 months ago with the birth of our twin boys. Suddenly we found ourselves at home a lot more than before and, thanks to an early bedtime, with some free time on our hands while the kiddos slept. A few months later when the twins were ready for their first solid bites, we became interested in how we would cook for them now and in the future. We even do some homecooking for our wildly spoiled Chihuahuas! I don't think we are alone in considering them an important part of our family.

We have a strong belief that food is important in many ways. Important to our body's health for sure, but for us- our mental health too. We've found cooking to be a great hobby and stress reliever after days full of crying babies and changing diapers. We find cooking to be both relaxing and challenging if done right. Food is also such a social part of our lives. How better to reconnect with friends than over some great wine and great food?

I hope you enjoying reading about the successes and failures of these two amateur cooks and parents, and that you take away a little of our enthusiasm. Feel free to leave us your pearls of wisdom too. Post a comment or send us an email! We are always grateful for new perspectives and ideas. Welcome!

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  1. Christi, what a great blog! I look forward to following you and Alex on your cooking adventures~