Thursday, July 21, 2011

Apple Slices To Go

Alex and I do most of our errand running before the kids eat dinner so a snack for the stroller comes in handy and wards off meltdowns (usually).  We are big fans of mum-mums around here but those little puffed-air crackers last about 2 minutes, and they aren't the cheapest snack out there either.  Apple slices though...they can be munched on for quite some (quiet) time and they aren't too messy either which is nice in a to-go snack.  We make little baggies of apple slices once a week or so to keep on hand in the refrigerator.  Here's how to keep them from turning brown:

Apple Slices To Go

Add 1 Tbsp of lemon juice to about a half cup of water in a little bowl.  Core and cut one apple into slices you think your little one can handle.  Submerge the slices for about 30 seconds and pat dry with paper towels.  Store them in small zip-lock bags in the refrigerator.  And don't worry, they won't come out tasting like lemons, promise.  :)

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