Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Crocheted Mickey Mouse Hats

So were are full on Disney people all of a sudden here at 4 Pears.   The boys are in to Disney Jr (Handy Manny and Jake) and I've seen the movie Cars more times than I can to think about.

We made the decision to get annual passes to Disneyland last month.  (Under 3 are free, woo hoo!) The boys are over 38 inches tall so they are able to ride all of the kiddie rides and there is just so much for them to do!  At their age (28 months), we sometimes find it hard to find age appropriate ways to entertain them.  Everything seems so geared towards bigger kids so we were so happy to find that Disneyland really is great for toddlers.  We are planning to take them once a month for a day and a half each time, last month we had a blast.  The kids did really well waiting in lines and were so excited to see their favorite characters and ride all the rides.  They loved the rides so much, the faster and higher up the better.  Adventurous little guys already.

The weather in Anaheim is beautiful during the day but as soon as the sun goes down the temperature drops fast. Which is why, when I say a Minnie Mouse crocheted hat on Pinterest, I knew what I was going to be doing this past weekend in anticipation of our next trip, which is tomorrow...or today rather, lol)

Most of these cutesy hat patterns are written for newborn girls so I just sort of whipped up my own Mickey version based on the size of the boys' monster hats.  I sewed on some ears and added some earflaps to keep their (real) ears warm. :)

The final product

on my handsome model Alex

I literally just finished Aaron's hat so no picture of him yet.  Hopefully he enjoys his warm new Mickey Ears as much as his brother.  :)

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