Monday, September 10, 2012

Crocheted Monster Hats

I am on quite a crocheting kick right now.  I really enjoy it; it is relaxing and so rewarding when you have something completed.  I really wish I had learned while I was pregnant with the boys; those little guys would have had an entire crocheted wardrobe.

Last year for Halloween I knew we wouldn't take the boys trick or treating so I didn't want to spend a ton on a Halloween costume used mainly for photo ops.  I finally decided on buying them Bert and Ernie hats I found on Etsy.

Soooo cute, right?  "Halloween" costumes and a winter hat all in one!

This year we are going to at least take the kids to a few houses and a festival or two so I decided we'd do real costumes....but I also decided that I'd make them their winter hats myself.

I found a really cute pattern for monster hats and so this winter my little monsters will truly look like little monsters.

Here are my finished products

I used this free pattern from The Boy Trifecta, with a few minor changes.  Each hat is a bit smaller than the pattern (and one hat is smaller than the other to fit my very un-identical twins).  I made the eye a bit smaller too.  The pattern was really easy to follow and modify even for a beginner like me.  I am really happy with them!

Now if only I can get the boys to wear them!  :)

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  1. You did a great job! The monster hats are adorable. They can wear them before and after Halloween too. The Ernie and Bert costumes are super cute too. I would like to learn to crochet. Seeing your work is inspirational.

  2. do you have a crochet pattern for a berts hat?