Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Foam Shape Fun

Thankfully not only has September brought us pumpkins, but it has brought us some cooler weather too.  100 F is a huge improvement over 105+!  Especially considering the children.  Just a few degrees cooler and they are playing outside much more again.  Over the weekend we played with sidewalk chalk and bubbles, and today I brought our foam shapes back out from the bathroom.

I bought some foam rectangles from the dollar store last spring and cut them into various shapes for the babies to play with on the sliding glass patio door.  They love spraying the door down with water and then sticking the shapes all over but by June the sliding glass door was too hot to touch.  This morning, however, it was nice and cool. The kids played outside for a long while and they enjoyed playing with their shapes (and spray bottle) again. I named colors and shapes and the boys are getting good at picking out the different shapes and colors when I ask. We've been playing with our foam shapes in the bath tub (they stick great in the wet tub) but it is so nice to be able to bring some of our indoor activities outdoors again.

Aaron getting our "work surface" ready

Alex carefully placing his shapes

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  1. I love that idea. I will have to try that with the babies. When I first saw the picture, I thought you used the stickers and I wondered how you got them off. Using water to make them stick is a great idea.

    : 0 ) Theresa