Monday, February 25, 2013

Growing a Reader

Are you a reader?  I am.  Always have been.  I love books and I will finish almost any book I start, even if it is awful.  My favorite books to read are in series, I love getting wrapped up in the characters and following them in book after book.  I love science fiction and fantasy, but I'm will to try just about anything.

I used to own tons of books, at first I couldn't imagine giving up books to read on an e reader but it didn't take long for me to get the first generation Kindle and it has been true love ever since.

books in the living room

I read fast.  I can swallow a large book in just a few days but it does mean that I will zone out on the rest of the world and my other responsibilities.  Sometimes I have to make myself take a hiatus.  I vow not to start a new book until X gets done.  If not, I know I will get sucked in to that new book.

One thing about having only boys that makes me sort of sad is that I (probably) won't be able to share some of my girly favorite books with my children.  Anne of Green Gables, The Little Princess?  I love those books.

I am looking forward, though, to the many many MANY books I can and will share with them though.  Right now we have Dr. Suess and Little Critter and Corduroy.  Soon there will be Bernstein Bears and Bread and Jam for Francis and Caps for Sale.  So much to look forward to!

books in the playroom

One of little Alex's favorites right now is The Napping House.  Such a sweet book that I remember loving the illustrations even as a very small child.  And there are those that are new to me too, like Aaron's current favorite The Little Blue Truck.

I love books and my little guys seem to love them too already.  But I like to keep working on fostering that love.

books in the kids' bedroom

The last time I went to the library I picked up a folder about the library's 1,000 books before Kindergarten.    The program invites parents to keep track of all the books they read with/to their children.

When you reach the first one hundred, you bring in the tracking sheet and your child gets a prize.  I don't know about your toddlers but my kids will be super excited to head to the library for their prize. After reading 500 books, your child gets a canvas book bag and after 1,000 they will receive a book.  Such a great and fun incentive program!

The program folder also included a list of 100 books you child should hear before Kindergarten but in lieu of typing it all our for you....Here's a great list of the Top 100 Children's Books that I found.  Happy Reading!

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  1. That is a fun idea. I think I would have to type out the list to avoid duplicating. It sounds like you have a great local library.


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