Monday, July 30, 2012

"semi-homemade" Banana Pudding

It is not often I buy pre-made items like instant pudding and cookies.  (Unless we are talking Oreos....I love those). I enjoy making those things but I wanted to try Paula Deen's Not Yo' Mama's Banana Pudding and making the cookies and the pudding would have made this a marathon dessert. As is, it was quite simple and very tasty.

I did make a few little changes to the recipe as I went along.  First, I used banana instant pudding instead of french vanilla to pump up the banana flavor. I also made my own whipped cream (some things I just can't buy!) and lastly I used Nilla wafers instead of Chessman cookies.  The Chessman looked so cute but were just too pricey....I would have spent $8 in cookies, ouch!

Even though you are using pudding from a box, Paula does a great job making the whole thing taste much more homemade by adding cream cheese and whipped cream to the instant pudding. This isn't a low cal dessert buy any means but it is so good!  And the 9 x 13 pan size makes it perfect for taking to a Summer bbq.

Click here for the recipe!  And Enjoy!

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