Friday, June 1, 2012

Scrapbook Paper Flowers

There are a lot of walls in this house of mine and many of them could use some decorating.  But "wall art" is expensive, you know?  So I have been searching out ideas to DIY some art to fill up some of those empty spaces. Of course, it needs to be easy too because though I would love to call myself artistic....sadly I am not. I know I won't be painting a masterpiece anytime soon, but I have found a few great ideas floating around the internets (ahem, Pinterest).

I found this great idea for wall art created from scrapbook paper and a paper punch a while back over at The Idea Room.  This isn't the first brilliant (and simple) idea I've gleaned from that blog either.  I was also inspired to create a heart shaped wreath from this tutorial back in February.  It really is a great blog.  Go check it out for detailed instructions on either project!

Scrapbook Paper Flower Wall Art, inspired by The Idea Room
Materials needed:
scrapbook paper
1 sheet card stock to fit frame
decorative paper punch of your choice
tape runner
glue dots (a glue gun would work too, I'd imagine)
picture frame

I used a flower shaped paper punch and four different patterns of paper to create a collage of 3D flowers to be hung in a frame with the glass removed.

To begin I adhered the cardstock I choose for the background to the cardboard insert that came with the picture frame using the tape runner.  Then I punched out a few flowers and arranged them to get a feel for the spacing I wanted.  Once I'd decided on that, I used a ruler to create a grid with little pencil marks showing where each flower would go.

Next I counted my marks and punched out a bunch of flowers.  I bent the petals of each upward so they would stick out from the page a bit. Once that was done I simply used the glue dots to stick them right on!  This was my first time using glue dots and I loved them.  You just touch whatever you want to glue down to a dot and the dot peals away, neat!

Once my flowers were all in place I put the piece into the frame (having already removed the glass) and hung it right up on the wall!  The whole thing took me less than an hour. 

It is hard for me to get a great picture, I'm not a very good photographer either...but I really think it looks pretty hanging between two previously owned floral canvases in a guest room.

Lots of wall space to still be conquered, stay tuned!  And on't forget you can follow my blog on Facebook too, just "like" me at the top of this page. :)

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