Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Different Kind of Recipe: Bath Tub Paint

I'm pretty sure there is no better place for a toddler to paint than in the tub. I've gotten much better about my boys making messes/getting messy but this type of painting is still very appealing to me! I pinned a "recipe" for bath paints a few weeks ago but hadnt gotten around to it when I happened upon some bath paints in the craft store last weekend...and they were pricey! I decided to give that recipe a try this week.

This is a really easy one. I had plenty of all of the ingredients on hand (thank you Sam's Club for the ginormous bottle of baby bath wash), and it only took me 5 minutes to mix them up and have them ready to go. The paints came out nice and Aaron loved playing with them in the empty tub with a foam brush. Alex, unfortunately wasn't interested. Once Aaron was done creating his masterpiece I just wiped him and the tub down with a wet washcloth. Easy cleanup! No stains on my white tub, tiles or grout. And since I only gave Aaron two colors out of the four I made, we have more to play with another day. Maybe his brother will be more interested in the fun then. :)

Bath Tub Paints, found at Meet the Dubiens (check it out!  much better pics and lots of other cool kid crafts!)
1 cup baby bath wash
4 tablespoons corn starch
Food coloring drops

Mix the baby wash with the corn starch in a bowl. Pour the mixture into as many storage containers as colors you would like to make. Put a few drops (2-3) of food coloring in each container and mix to make your paint pretty and colorful! Store covered. I'm not sure how long they last in storage. I would plan to use all the paints up within a couple of weeks.

Here's my little "artist", Aaron...enjoying his new medium.

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