Friday, June 22, 2012

DIY Glass Cleaner and Degreaser

Have I mentioned the bane of my existence?  I am referring to my kitchen table.  The big glass one that sits by our sliding glass door and shows each and every fingerprint in the morning sunlight.  We have come sooo close to getting rid of it just because I feel like I am cleaning it every three minutes.  But, alas, after perusing the alternatives out there (and their price tags) we've decided to hold off on that purchase until the kids are a bit older and less wrecking-ball-ish.

One of my major motivators in making my own cleaners actually stemmed from the fact that my kids eat (directly) off of that glass table on a regular basis; although I am happy to report plate usage is on the rise. For a while I was pretty happy using my all-purpose cleaner after meals but realized I was having to really clear the food debris away first and sometimes I had to wipe the table down twice to get it clean and streak free.  The all-purpose spray is my go-to and it works well on everything from windows to bathroom counters but it just wasn't standing up to the food grime left on the glass tables after meals.

Luckily I remembered that my wonderful Mother-in-Law (Hi Mitzi!) told me that Dawn dish soap could be used to make a great glass cleaner.  Of course!  They use it to clean oily birds why not olive oily tables?  So I mixed some vinegar and water with a dash of dish soap and voila! It worked!  Just a tiny bit of Dawn really helps get that food grease and grime off the tables with one shot.  No scrubbing, no streaks.  Love it.  Yes it does have a pretty strong vinegar smell at first, but the smell disappears almost immediately.  I'm happy it works so well and that only a very minimal amount of soap is know, just in case someone decides to give the table a lick.

Glass Cleaner and Degreaser
empty (clean) spray bottle
Dawn (original blue)

Fill your spray bottle half way up with vinegar, fill it the rest of the way with water.  You just need a 1 to 1 ratio of vinegar to water, doesn't matter how much.  Now just put a few drops of Dawn in (about 1/2 teaspoon for a 32 oz bottle should do it) and put the lid on the bottle.  Give it a little shake to mix it up and you're ready to clean something!


  1. i made this myself this week and i like it. i think i need to up my vinegar in mine. the recipe i used did 1c water to 1/3 of vinegar. itll def work better if it's stronger. otherwise i love it too!

  2. Great! Amazing what you can do with some Dawn and vinegar!