Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Recap, and a Look Ahead

Our weekend isn't quite over yet thanks to Labor Day, but it's been great so far. Friday was our five year wedding anniversary!  Instead of going to a fine-dining restaurant and having a night out on the town, as may have befitted such a special day, we opted for a very low-key evening at our favorite local Mexican restaurant.  Bad service and great food as usual.  :) We enjoyed a margarita or two, gambled some money away in the local casino, and just relaxed for a few hours while the babysitter came over and kept an ear on the baby monitor for us.

Saturday we had some professional photos taken of the whole family at a park close by to our home.  I'm really excited to see them, I hope they turned out great!  That evening we made homemade pizza and jalapeno poppers for dinner.  Yes, homemade poppers!  They were awesome!  And so was the pizza.  Pizza is right up there with cheeseburgers in my book.

Sunday I got a new camera, so no pictures today. I have a manual to read!  I'm looking forward to taking some better pictures of the kids and maybe the food pictures will get a little better too.  Photography is something I really need to work on.

Here's what we are sharing with you this week:

Tuesday: Pizza!  Pizza crust, pizza sauce.... both are super simple basics that you can combine with your favorite toppings to make pizza and movie night even better.

Wednesday: Oatmeal Pancakes.  The twins aren't using utensils yet, and the only things they will eat off a spoon I'm in control of is yogurt and applesauce. They used to love oatmeal but then they met pancakes and that love affair has not yet ended.  They love these, but surprisingly they really love oatmeal pancakes too... and so do Mom and Dad. :)

Thursday: Jalapeno Poppers.  Yum.  These are NOTHING like the ones you buy frozen.  They are sooo much better.  Spicy peppers and a creamy filling, this is one awesome appetizer.

Friday:  Black Walnut Cake.  Most kids love chocolate cake growing up, but those kids never had my Grandma's Black Walnut Cake.  Whether you like nuts or not, this cake is worth trying.  I've never met anyone who didn't love it.

Alright, seems like a good week to come.  Since I don't have any pictures I'll leave you with this video.  Baby laughter can't be beat.  (PS. AJ is the one laughing but I call the poor kid Squirm all the time.)

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