Monday, September 19, 2011

The weekend is over for most people, but mine is still in full swing!  My sister is in town visiting so we are living it up while my amazing husband watches over the kiddos. Thanks honey!  I'll try to make sure the partying doesn't get in the way of this weeks great recipes. ;)

How-To Tuesday- Simple Substitutions.  I used to come across so many recipes that looked great except it included something I didn't have.  Or something I just didn't want to have to buy.  As time went on I found that many times a very easy substitution may be all that is needed to make that recipe much more doable.  Hopefully this list will open up a whole new array of possibilities for your culinary adventures.

Wednesday- Shnitzel Biscuits.  I know, schnitzel what?  Did you watch Food Network Star season 7?  Alex and I really loved the "Sandwich King" Jeff Mauro so we tried one of his recipes on Friday, it was awesome!  Lots of great elements you can use in the sandwich and in other ways.

Thursday- Brussel Sprouts.  First snitzel then sprouts?  Yes.  I think sprouts are one of the most under-rated veggies out there.  I'm going to share how I use a little bacon and butter to spice up these unloved little sprouts and I know you'll love them...if you'll just give them a shot!

Friday- Swedish Meatballs.  This is a very toddler friendly recipe I got from Tyler Florence's Start Smart cookbook (available in The Pantry!)  Flavorful turkey meatballs in a nice creamy sauce over noodles.  This was the twins' first introduction to mushrooms and they loved them.  A great dish for the whole family.

So that's it!  Here are some pictures of my lovies to brighten your Monday.

Daddy Alex with Baby Alex
Smiley Aaron enjoying the "cool" weather (only in the 90's!)

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