Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Monday

Whew.  Things are quite busy around the 4 Pears house.  My sister left us on Tuesday after a great visit.  She and I enjoyed our girl time down on the Strip and the boys loved seeing their Auntie.  We are all going to miss her when she moves back East!

But on Wednesday Alex's parents arrived!  The boys are having a lot of fun with their Grammy and Grampy, especially considering all the birthday gifts they brought along. :)  The kitchen is still a very busy place but we haven't really been making anything new and exciting.  Instead we've been enjoying some of our favorites.

Thursday was Roast Chicken, we really enjoyed the nice juicy bird with some maple roasted butternut squash. On Friday we broke out the deep fryer and made Fish and Chips with Jalapeno Poppers to start. Then Saturday night we brined pork chops, and Sunday we had Bloody Mary Salads.  Throw in some Oatmeal Pancakes and a Peanut Butter Cheesecake and you can bet we are all happy and no one is going hungry around here. Tonight we are going out to eat...with the twins.  It is bound to be an adventure.

I've been doing a terrible job taking pictures of all the fun times around here but I did get our professional pictures back a few days ago!  Here's a few shots of the 4 Pears family.   Have a great week everyone!

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