Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Decorating for Easter/Spring

Well I wanted to write a post about a fantastic pie I made over the weekend but unfortunately the pie was not fantastic.  So instead I'll just tell you about my super exciting weekend and share some of the crafty projects I did.

This weekend was all about spring cleaning! (I told you it was exciting) Mr pears and I cleaned the whole house from top to bottom.  I am lucky enough to have a husband that cooks and cleans!!  As boring as it sounds, it was really great.  Especially once it was done and the house was all sparkly and declutted.  And despite two year old twins doing their darnedest to mess it up, the house is still looking nice a few days later....success!

On top of cleaning I also finally made a wreath for our front door.  I have been wanting to do some kind of monogram wreath for a while now but just hadn't gotten around to it.  But one MDF letter from Hobby Lobby, some paint, a vine wreath and some fake-but-not-too-fake looking flowers (those are hard to find) and I was good to go.

I came up with this.

I really like it!  Springy but simple.

And simple is sort of my motto these days.  Lately I am really all about decluttering and simplicity and it is being reflected in my decorating style.  I've been taking down things and taking things off of tables.  Moving things around and only adding a few new touches here and there.  My simple new wreath.  A super cute ceramic bunny.

I also made that print.

I stole was inspired by this, that I saw on Pinterest and decided to see if I could make one of my own.  I love the simplicity of it as well as the sentiment.  (I'm also becoming more and more sappy as I get older, yeesh.)  I made it using picmonkey...which I had never used before!

So there you have it folks.  We are off to Disneyland again with the boys tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to soaking up some sunshine and Spring air and playing with the kiddos.  Have a nice week!


  1. I feel so unprepared for Easter. I just got done putting away Christmas decorations. No lie...

    1. lol, the simplicity approach is definitely for you too then. Put out a bunny and call it done. ;)