Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Idea Roundup

I'm a pretty bad food blogger when it comes to the holidays. Instead of trying out recipes and sharing them with you before the actual day arrives, I just scope out ideas and whip them up day of. Making the winners a little late to share with you. Another negative side effect of this habit is that I may end up with a dud on my Easter/thanksgiving/etc table. They tell you never try anything new for a holiday meal but Mr. Pears and I have a very hard time restraining ourselves.

So I confess, I want Easter bread on Easter and turkey on Thanksgiving and so on. Maybe next year I'll do better. But this year, instead of giving you the tried and true I'm just going to throw out some of the things I'm making or thinking about making this weekend. Maybe you'll be inspired to try something new too.

I am definitely making this Easter Bread. It looks so pretty and delicious! And it will be a good use for some of those eggs I'm going to dye for with my little guys today.

photo from The Italian Dish

And I'm for sure going to make Julia Child's Madeleines. Those have to be tried and true right? Plus madeleines are very simple to make. Just don't put them in a closed container to store them, they'll get mushy.

We've decided to go with lamb as our main course for Easter dinner and I'm pretty sure we are going to use this recipe from Food and Wine...substituting the lamb shanks of course. We've actually made this one before (with lamb) and it was really good. It's an easy one too.

I'm thinking about going with these Spring Peas as a side...possibly with some fingerling potatoes.

Oh and lastly I'll probably be making these strawberry muffins to take to the breakfast potluck/egg hunt we are going to on Saturday.

Did I mention I also have dinner and dancing with my best friend who is visiting this weekend, an egg hunt, a chocolate factory tour, and attending Easter service with two rambunctious toddlers on my weekend to-do list? I am going to be busy. But I'm betting it is going to be a great weekend.

Happy Easter!  From me and my little bunnies

Obviously our first attempt at this year's bunny ears pictures didn't go well.  Don't worry, I will try again!

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