Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Baskets

I just finished up the boys' Easter baskets and I think they are going to love them. Here is what I included for my little lovies.

Stuffed Bunnies (made by Mom!)
Homemade Cherry lollipops
Plastic eggs filled with fishies and animal crackers
The Gruffalo movie for Alex and Lady and the Tramp movie for Aaron (that kid loves dogs)
Melissa and Doug Pet Handle Stampers (the stamps fit in large plastic eggs)
Duplo building plates (no more battles over the one that came with their blocks...hopefully)
Coloring books

And so as not to deprive my poor children out of a little chocoate, I made some chocolate bunnies with a mold I found at Target. I just melted down some (amazingly delicious) 60% cocoa by Ghiradelli and poured them into the molds. The molds had space to add lolli sticks so I used the ones I had leftover in hopes that a handle will make the chocolates a bit less messy for the boys (a girl can wish right?).

So there you have it! A little home-made and a little store-bought...all in hopes of seeing two little boys smile on Easter morning. :)

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