Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Different Kind of Recipe- Stain-lifting spray

Last weekend I got to work researching and mixing up some more homemade cleaning products. The first one I started hunting for was a laundry stain-lifting spray. Mostly because Mr. Pears has a bad habit of getting oil stains on his T-shirts. For some reason he doesn't want to wear my frilly cooking apron...

I love our laundry detergent and it really works great but I usually spray some Dreft on any major spots before washing. But it doesnt seem to work on those oil stains and as part of my challenge I'd like to cut out the Dreft entirely. Everywhere I looked one particular recipe kept popping up. People are calling it the only stain spray you'll ever need and a miracle product. And With only two inexpensive ingredients I knew I'd have to try it.

It took just a minute to mix some Dawn with hydrgen peroxide in a clean spray bottle and after a lad of laundry it appears to be a great success! It removed (old) oil stains from my husbands' shirts! Very cool, and very easy AND very inexpensive.

Stain-Lifting Spray, found all over Pinterest, the internet, and originally here....I think.

1 cup Dawn (original Blue)
2 cups Hydrogen Peroxide

Pour ingredients in a clean spray bottle and shake to mix. Give it a little shake before each use as well. Don't forget to label your bottle for safety.  I really need to work on cuter labels....

Lots of people are saying this works great on carpet, upholstery, grout and etc. but I've only really tested it for laundry so who knows. I do need to find and upholstery/carpet spray so I'll definitely be trying this out the next chance (spill) I get. I can say this worked great on colored and white clothes though.

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