Monday, January 14, 2013

Homemade Marshmallows

ohmygosh it is soooo cold here today.   Temperatures in the 50' s are normal for Las Vegas in January, today the high is 37....yikes!

But since I always try to look on the bright side of things, I will say that this is a perfect day to drink a cup of cocoa and work on the 2000 piece puzzle we (along with our in- laws) started yesterday.  PS: 2000 pieces is a LOT of pieces. What were we thinking?!

Back to the cocoa, you have to have marshmallows in your cocoa right?  And I am not talking about those little powdery things in the packets.  Those are just weird.

I decided to try my hand at homemade marshmallows a while back but finally got to it for the first time in December.  And now I' m a convert.  No more puffed air in a package for us.  Homemade marshmallows are so delicious!  They aren't hard to make and I love that they keep in closed container for up to 3 weeks. Because as much as I like these, I don't drink hot cocoa everyday and this recipe makes a lot of marshmallows.

I made these using Alton Brown's recipe and since I followed it to a "T" (for regular sized marshmallows), I'll just link the recipe for you to follow through to.

Here are some pics of my fluffly goodness from start to finish.

getting set up

You have to cook the sugar and syrup mixture until it reaches 240 F, mine took a bit longer to reach temperature than was stated in the recipe...about 15 minutes or so.

Whipping!  Use your whisk attachment if you have one.

 Prepare the pan and don't skimp on coating it!  This stuff is sticky and you are going to flip it out of the pan after it has set.

Sticky gooey fluff.

 Spray a rubber or metal spatula to smooth the sticky fluff into the pan.

After the marshmallows have sat at least 4 hours (or overnight), flip them out onto a cutting board

 I used a pizza cutter (dusted with powdered sugar) to cut mine into squares

 But you could use cookie cutters to make some cute little hearts for your sweeties on Valentine's Day!

 Store in a closed container for up to 3 weeks!


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  1. I've always wanted to learn how to do this. Looks so yummy!

    1. Go for it! They are yummy and pretty easy too. Thanks for stopping by!