Friday, August 24, 2012

Changing the Way We Eat Around Here

For the last week or so Mr Pears and I have been watching too many food industry documentaries and examining our buying/eating tendencies.  We have decided that we want to make some major changes.

Before last week we were buying mostly whole foods (those on the outer-rim of the supermarket, not pre-packaged or processed) but those whole foods were not usually locally or ethically grown.  We rarely bought anything organic and we were buying meats from animals that were factory farm raised.  

We told ourselves that organic foods weren't much better than conventional, and that they were too expensive.  

But then we started investigating and decided a lack of hormones, antibiotics and pesticides in our diet was important.  And a quote in Food, Inc made us recognize that we could afford better quality foods, if we wanted to.

I cant quote it word for word, but the gist was that "we" stand in the dairy aisle complaining about $3 organic eggs while we hold a $1 soda in our hands.   I think that guy went easy on us.  What about a $2 energy drink or a $3 cup of Starbucks?  Are 12 eggs really worth less than a caramel macchiatto?  I don't think so.  But it is hard to swallow when the regular eggs are sitting right next to them for just a dollar. 

And then there are the environmental impacts of our current food system and the living conditions of the animals. So many reasons to consider making a change.

So, yeah, we are going to make a change.  But we are going to try not to be all preachy about it.  We know we won't be perfect by any means but we are going to try.  We are going to try shopping for more ethically grown foods.  Meats that are vegetarian fed and cage/crowding free, with no antibiotics or homones... veggies and fruits that are organic and/or local and in season.  We are going to start by shopping Whole Foods and local farmer's markets.  Then we are going to think about joining a CSA.  We are going to pay more for our meats and veggies but we are going to buy even less processed foods (and energy drinks and Starbucks) to help balance out the costs.  We think it is worth a small sacrifice in other areas to bring home healthier foods for our family.  

Lastly, we will be eating less meat.  Mr Pears and I both went through vegetarian "phases" that lasted several years when we were in our twenties so we arent strangers to vegetarian eating.  Neither of us feel that a dinner isn't dinner without meat.  So we are going to eat at least two vegetarian dinners per week.  I think this is better for us nutritionally, and it will certainly help us to maintain a reasonable grocery bill all while making more ethical food choices.

It is going to be hard.  I'm not sure what I'll do the next time a McDonald's craving hits me.  But we are going to try because we really feel like it is the right thing to do.

So what does this mean for the blog?  Not much.  Maybe just a few more vegetarian recipes...and some more homemade staples.  (I am making some great strawberry jam these days)  I hope you enjoy them and continue to follow us on our journey.

The little faces that make a life without Starbucks ok.  :)

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