Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Multi-Purpose! Stain-lifting Spray

The other week I shared a "recipe" for a laundry stain-lifting spray. The reviews I found on the web for this stuff were full of success stories from people who had used it on stains in plenty of other places too, especially on carpeting and upholstery. So I have to admit I was a little excited when the boys spilled a some of their bright red V8 Fusion on the carpeting in the playroom. (I know, I am such a dork). Even better, I (gasp!) didn't clean it up right away! I let the juice sit there for like 2 hours. Living life on the edge I tell you.

Luckily for me, this stain spray worked! I sprayed a bit on, let it sit about 5 minutes, then wiped it with a damp cloth and the spot was gone!

Whew. Mr Pears would have been pretty ticked if my little experiment had permenantly stained the carpet. Although, on second thought, that area of the carpet is usually covered by a gigantic hippopotamus ball bit. Anyone else have a 5 ft hippo in their house? No?

But, back to the spray. I really am super excited to find another product that works in more than one place. Multi-purpose cleaners make it easier for me, more cost efficient, and eliminate all of those extra space-hogging bottles. So far I feel like I am having great success working towards my green-cleaning goal. Right now I'm testing out various bathroom cleaners and a dishwasher detergent that seems to be doing the job. I'll be sure to share more of these with you soon.

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