Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Monday

Hi out there!  Sorry no great recipe for you today.  We've been cooking old favorites around here the short rib risotto (thanks Melissa for inspiring us to make that one again this weekend, yum).

I've also been adapting some old recipes to fit what's in my pantry/refrigerator.  Since we can't seem to cut down our grocery bill, the least I can do is try and use up what we have instead of wasting things.  This weekend I turned some brown bananas and a bunch of carrots into bread by substituting the carrots for the zucchini in this banana bread recipe.  It turned out great!  And I was happy to find another way for my babies to get in some much needed veggies.   I used the rest of my bananas ( I had a ton of those things!) in Oatmeal Pancakes on Sunday.  I just mashed them up with a potato masher and mixed them into the batter.  They were so good!

I've been getting creative outside of the kitchen too, though, and I think I'm going to be blogging about some other types of "recipes" I've been trying out.  Because cooking isn't all we do around here!  Stay tuned for adventures in making laundry detergent (not extremely exciting stuff but super easy and very cost efficient), making play dough for the kids, and maybe even how to crochet a bunny or two.  Oh and more recipes.  Hopefully with veggies in them cause my carnivorous toddlers seem to be boycotting those lately, sigh.

Happy Monday!

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