Friday, April 26, 2013

Playful Friday

The thing we do most around this house is Play! I've gotten away from organized play school but we are having such a great time just learning and playing in so many different ways each day.  Every Friday I'm going to post what we've been up to during the past week.

These are all times when I sit down with the boys and actively play with them.  Often during the day the boys will play independently or together but they love playing with Mom so I try to make time to fully engage in at least one activity with them each day.

Feel free to comment on your favorite ways to play or link a blog post with ideas for us.  (BTW, these guys are 2.5 now!)  Time is flying.

Sunday - Play dough  (want to make it? Try this recipe)

 I'm pretty sure that was supposed to be a dog....I'm an amazing play doh artist ;)

Monday- Paper Plate Snakes

Chasing each other around the house yelling "SSSSSS" is a huge fav around here

Tuesday- Sprinkler Hopscotch

So much fun we almost flooded the backyard!

Wednesday- Baking Cookies

Avidly watching the mixer and waiting to taste the dough!

Thursday- Playing in the (play) Kitchen

I was served a cupcake and a fried egg for lunch, yum!

Friday- Building with blocks

And laughing when they get knocked down

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