Monday, October 1, 2012

My babies are 2!

It is amazing how much my little boys have grown in the last year, developmentally as well as physically.  On their first birthday Alex was walking but Aaron wasn't; he walked a few weeks after.  Now they are both running, kicking a ball, jumping and learning to ride the tricycles their Grandparents got them for their birthday.  They both eat well and are pretty handy with their utensils.  They have even begun drinking from open cups without (much) spilling. They aren't very verbal yet but they are constantly communicating in some way, shape or form and they love to play together.  They are lovable and cuddly and they give great kisses and hugs. It has been a great year and I really think this third year is going to be even more fun.


birth- 6lbs 2 oz, 18 inches
1 year- 25lbs, 33 inches
2 years- 34lbs, 37 inches

birth- 6 lbs 6 oz, 19 inches
1 year- 28 lbs, 33 inches
2 years- 34 lbs, 37 inches

The boys had quite the birthday weekend.  On Friday, which was their actual birthday, Daddy came home from work around 2pm so we could break out their birthday gift up after the kiddos got up from their nap.  They love their bounce house!

We had a very relaxed afternoon/evening opening presents and eating pizza and cupcakes.  And bouncing. :)

On Saturday more family arrived (along with more presents) so we had a nice time playing outside.  My poor cousin is trapped in this can see her legs sticking out, lol!

And Sunday, of course, we had our little party.  A couple of our pint-sized guests were sick and couldn't make it so we were a small party indeed but we had a really great time.

We decorated with balloons, banners and crepe paper....

The boys' t-shirts came out great!!

We had lots of delicious food (some recipes I'll share soon!) but, uh, I didn't take any pictures of food, oops!

The kiddos bounced and played with trains, chalk, bubbles and crayons....

And we had cake!

It was all a lot of fun and I'm so glad the boys really enjoyed themselves the whole time.  We are really grateful, not only for our amazing little boys but also for our friends and family that were there to celebrate with us. :)

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